Bank of China 1 Year Time Deposit

Bank of China 1 Year Time Deposit

Rate at 1.75% p.a*

on Bank of China's secure website




Authority: Bank of China is a major state owned commercial bank of People's Republic of China. It provides services to customers in the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macau and overseas countries.

How to open a Bank of China Time Deposit:

-  Visit a Bank of China branch with the associated relevant identity documents.

What information you may require to open a China Bank of China Time Deposit:

For People's Republic of China / PRC Residents: 

- This may include either a Resident ID card , temporary ID card , armed police ID card , Chinese passport, Hukou book or military ID card.

For SAR/Special Administrative Regions residents of Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan:

- This may include a Mainland travel permit for Taiwan residents or Re-entry permit.

For foreign nationals including expatriates and overseas Chinese:

- This may include a valid passport/ valid China passport held by Chinese of foreign nationality, altenatively a residence permit for expatriates.

Information to consider when opening Bank of China 1 Year Time Deposit:

The People's Bank of China (PBOC) sets the deposit rates for the banks in China including the Bank of China and as of the roles of the PBOC is to issue the Renminbi and administer its circulation. Interest rates do however vary according the term required for deposit.

The current interest rate displayed is for a 12 month/1 year deposit.

The rate of 1.75% is 0.45% higher than the average 1.3%. Also it is 0.75 % lower than the highest rate.Updated Dec, 2016