Savings Accounts China

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Savings AccountAccount DetailsCurrencyIntro Rate p.a.

Industrial Bank Demand Deposit Account

RMB0.385%Aug, 2017

Bank of China Savings Account

The interest rate for this savings account is from the 'BOC demand' deposit product.

RMB0.30%Nov, 2017

China Construction Bank Demand Deposit Account

Rates applicable to demand deposites.

RMB0.30%Nov, 2017

China Merchants Bank Savings Account

RMB0.30%Nov, 2017

HSBC China Current Account

RMB0.30%Nov, 2017

ICBC China Demand Deposit

RMB0.30%Nov, 2017

Standard Chartered China Demand Deposit Account

RMB0.30%Nov, 2017

Bank of China AUD FCA

AUD0.2375%Nov, 2017

Bank of China USD FCA

USD0.05%Nov, 2017

Bank of China GBP FCA

GBP0.05%Nov, 2017

Bank of China EUR FCA

EUR0.0001%Nov, 2017