China Interest Rates

. China's economy ranks 2nd in the world with a GDP PPP of $ 9 trillion (USD) according to the IMF in 2009. According to its inflation was 6% in 2008 and -.7% in 2009. Read More

China Banks

Showing rates for 14 Bank deposit providers in China.
Bank Branch Founded Ownership
China Merchants Bank China Merchants Bank 845 1987 N/A
Bank of Beijing Bank Of Beijing 300 1996 Local
HSBC China HSBC China 165 2007 Foreign
Citibank China Citibank China 55 1902 Foreign
Standard Chartered China Standard Chartered China 25 1858 Foreign
Agricultural Bank of China Agricultural Bank Of China 23,472 1951 Local
ICBC ICBC 16,648 1984 Local
China Construction Bank China Construction Bank 13,500 1954 Local
Bank of China Bank Of China 10,863 1912 Local
ANZ China ANZ China 4 2010 Foreign

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